God’s people are meant to gather together and so we do. We have worship services on Sunday mornings at 9 am and Wednesday evenings at 7 pm with several opportunities for Bible Study and Sunday School.

We welcome you to join with us at any of these services. While we use musical settings that range from much older to more recent creations, we continue to utilize the ancient Christian liturgy handed down to us along with using hymns and songs both new and old.

The liturgy is a series of Bible passages that our Christian ancestors have ordered for us in regular worship.  This gathering and order has been added to and refined for over 2,000 years, having connections to the synagogue worship of Jesus’ day and even the temple worship for which many of the psalms were written.

Christians continue to use this order because of its deep meaning, the careful thought, and the wisdom of generations of Christians before us all of which have gone ino constructing this order of worship.  While musical settings may change or be refined, it is our privilege and joy to use and maintain this order, these words, and unity with our Christian brothers and sisters who came before us.

As you speak these words, again and again, you have the chance to truly ponder and meditate on them.  In fact, you will see Christ’s life reviewed in the liturgy as we likewise journey to the table where He meets with us–God and man sharing a meal together.  Praise the Lord for His graciousness in coming to dwell with sinners in the past and still today as we gather in His name.

Come gather with us as we speak back to the Lord the words He has given us to speak and as we receive His great and gracious gifts every week!

If you want to view our services on-line for any reason, you can find information about and links to our live-feed here.