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Becoming New in Christ

by Mark Moss

New York has the biggest and longest garbage strikes in the country, and the garbage piles up on the streets. One resident said that when a garbage strike was called before Christmas one year, he solved the problem by wrapping his daily garbage as if it were a Christmas gift and putting it in the […]

Conscience and Traditions

by Mark Moss

As an Army Chaplain I was promoted and spend almost 6 out of my last 12 years in supervision. At this level I was privileged to work with younger and lower ranking chaplain officers both in military units and in chapels. During this time I supervised a Liturgical Service at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). We […]

A Word about Active Shooters

by Mark Moss

  We have had a rash of active shooter events in recent months and years. Numerous people have been injured and killed. Then we have the recent Kidnapping of Jamie Closs and the murder of her parents. Thankfully, she escaped alive and her kidnapper, and the murderer of her parents, has been captured. All of […]

Time Management

by Mark Moss

As we begin a New Year, we are reminded of things like New Year’s resolutions and second chances. We always have a second chance in Christ to redeem the life New Life He has given us. As we live daily in His grace, we are stewards of the time and abilities He has given us, […]